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Here are the top 5 active goat accounts to follow on Instagram!

6th Mar 2020

What are the best goat instagram accounts? Well, look no further, here are the top 5 active users you can follow right now!

Goats of Anarchy

Goats of anarchy is the page for a sanctuary for goats with special needs, which is super cool. You can even donate to their nonprofit through venmo!

Goats Gone Grazing Acres

This farm may not be verified on Instagram but their account is way cute! They have fun with it too, they don’t worry too much about composing a moody goat, they have fun! I love that kind of ingenuity.


This couple left the big city to start their own farm. They post about farm llife and goats. Goats take up about every other photo, intermingled with pictures projects, vegetables they’ve grown, and even their kids. But don’t worry, there’s A LOT of cute goats to see. This is where we see some moody goats, just look at these little guys!


Goatjournal is a smaller account but posts some great content! Easiest description: selfies and goats. 


Goats for days. This account reposts the cutest goat pics you’ll see on Instagram. Nothing but goat after goat here, so if you're ready for prime time goat time, this instagram account is for you!

For some of our own goats, follow us on instagram @graceharborstore. Or if you're a pinterest user, follow us there for some exclusive goat shots!

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